We’re glad you’re doing your research on flight schools – it’s a big decision, and you need to find the right fit for your success. Student reviews are a great way to determine if a flight school provides the experience you’re looking for.

The instructors at High Flight Academy to everything we can to give our students a world-class experience. Read our student reviews below and learn why our flight training sets us apart from other flight schools.

“Hello Bob,

Thanks for the email. My instructor was great! We had a fantastic flight! I asked many questions and, he and your front desk staff, answered all of my questions. They made me feel thoroughly educated on the process of obtaining my private pilot license, and beyond. You should be proud of the great attitudes and communication abilities of your staff. I spent an extra 30 minutes asking questions after the flight and never felt hurried and had a great conversation that made me feel completely comfortable and in total control of the process.”

– Discovery Flight, August 2019

Don’t take their word for it. Experience High Flight Academy for yourself!

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