Choosing your flight school is a big decision. As you research your options, make sure to ask these questions – and get answers that will satisfy your needs as a student!

Below are the top questions to ask, and High Flight’s responses. If you’d like more information about any of these answers, or want to know how to enroll in our High Gear to Airline Career program, email or call (724) 481-1860.

  • On average how many hours does it take your students to get their private pilot license? 55-65 hours
  • How many days a week will your schedule allow me to fly? 7 days a week! We are only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • How can I continue my training during bad weather? We use our Redbird Flight Simulator. It is a full-motion wrap-around display that allows you to practice new maneuvers in a safe environment. We also offer ground training and encourage chair flying.
  • What tools do you use to allow me to track my training? We securely maintain our training records in Flight Schedule Pro.
  • What actions would you take if I am struggling with training to help me overcome my challenges? Our Chief Instructor will review your training records with your primary instructor and develop a customized plan of action.
  • How do you monitor my progress? In addition to monitoring your records you will undergo stage checks during your flight training. This includes ground and flight evaluations to ensure quality training with the Chief Instructor and/or Check Airman.
  • Do you have partnerships with Airlines? Yes, we have 3 and more to come!